The F.A.Q.


Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that I have gotten about the game. If you have any more feel free to email me or make a post on Facebook.


  1. How many people are working on this?
    1. We currently have 12 members.   I’m looking for more right now, and you can find the page regarding that here.
  2. Can I be part of the team???!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!
    1. Yeah! Well, if you have what we need :p  You can find what’s needed here.
  3. How can I help?
    1. I’m glad you asked!   You can always spread the word about this website here or any other media outlet I currently use.   If you would like to be on the team, check out the page detailing that here.     Otherwise any suggestions you may have would be wonderful, and just let everyone you can know about this :)
  4. Is this legal?
    1. Good question :)   I do not claim any ownership of any brand names associated to Poke’mon or Nintendo.  I am simply making a fan-game with a program that helps me do it giving homage to a great series :) There are many fan-made Poke’ games out there, and they’ve done fine. So, I think everything is alright to do this.
  5. What websites do you have?
    1. The Main Website
    2. Tumblr
    3. Twitter
    4. Youtube
    5. DeviantArt
    6. Facebook
  6. How much will this cost???
    1. For various, and obvious, reasons…. This game will be completely free.
  7. Can I do a let’s play when it’s done???
    1. Sure :) As long as you link it to the proper places and give credit.
  8. Will this run on Mac/Linux/Wine???
    1.  RPG Maker XP is a Windows program, so it will mainly only run on a Windows OS.  However, I have found some information regarding all three aforementioned Operating Systems and ways to help RMXP run on them. I will be releasing details upon release of the demo.
  9. Is there a way to put this on a phone or acekard?
    1. The mediums this is available on is confined to the parent program, RPG Maker XP.   So there is little chance of cross-platforming at this time.




  1. Is there a release date scheduled?
    1. 03/17/13 is the release date for the Alpha Demo.
      1. You can find the download link on Eddie’s Let’s Play video HERE, and find the direct download HERE.
    2. I don’t put deadlines for the game, since I want a quality product and I don’t want to rush things. Unlike video game companies with 100+ people on paid salaries with college degrees, we’re a team of 12+ people doing this on our own time :p
  2. How will I get the demo?
    1. You can find the download link on Eddie’s Let’s Play video HERE, and find the direct download HERE.
  3. How far are you???
    1. I am currently migrating the graphics of Gen 0 to HG/SS quality. This is taking a bit of work and has setback progress some.  Not to fear, though, things are going smoothly.
      1. Pallet Town is about 85% complete in execution (playability) but 60% complete total (I still have icons to edit and create for it and polishing to do and whatnot).
      2. Route 1 is complete (complete meaning with events, trainers and encounters. Not just the map)
        1. Not migrated to HG/SS yet
      3. Viridian City is complete.
        1. Not migrated to HG/SS yet
      4. Route 22 is complete
        1. Not migrated to HG/SS yet
      5. Route 2 is complete
        1. Not migrated to HG/SS yet
    2. There is currently work being done on mapping Route 3 and 4 as well as Viridian Forest. A lot of work has gone into making the events (NPCs you talk to, trainers, dialogue, story scenes etc) There is a lot of work that goes into game development that isn’t just maps. :p




  1. What is the game?
    1. Though this should be obvious by now… hahahaha… It is a prequel to Red/Blue and generation 1. It takes place roughly 35 years before the events of the first game and will correlate tightly to the events in it.  It will be released on the computer (this is not a romhack) and will run as a standalone exe. It is made on RPG Maker XP through the Pokemon Essentials Starter Kit.
  2. What is the name of this game?
    1. Pokemon Generation 0
  3. What will the maps and environment be like?
    1. Environment is one of the three paramount objectives for this game. In essence, while playing, you will know exactly where you are in regards to the original map of Kanto. However, many things will be changed. In some areas, there might be less of what there used to be, since this is in the past. In some areas, there will be more. The environment will be much more robust in this game, as well. I am a mapper and have worked with RMXP quite a long while. I take pride in my maps.
  4. How big will this be in comparison to Red and Blue’s Kanto?
    1. This is going to be quite a bit more involved than the Kanto you’re used to. As stated above, you will always know where you are (unless it’s a new area entirely), but it will have its own look and feel. You guys voted and have told us you want an adventure. Working with this in mind, we are going to give you just that. There will even be some entirely new places to explore in Kanto. You can even travel to the Orange Islands, and challenge their league. :D
  5. What kind of music are you using?
    1. I will be going for the same type of thing I’m doing with my maps. New and updated, but giving a nostalgic feel.  It will give the sound of Gold/Silver but sound really nice as well.  I currently do not have any original music in the game, but am working on getting someone on the team for it :D
  6. Will there be a Day/Night system like on HeartGold/SoulSilver?
    1. In the shortest answer, yes.   One of the main features I plan on promoting with Pokemon Generation 0 is the time system it has. There will be the established time frames that are in HG/SS (day, night, morning, afternoon and evening) and much more.   Different events, NPCs, trainers, secrets and even shops will have differences between night and day.
      1. Shops will be affected variously.
        1. You may find a shop closed from 11am-12pm because the clerk is out for lunch.
        2. A shop might be closed overnight because no one is there to work
          1. Some shops will be open 24/7 with different employees running it at various times of the day.
        3. Shops will have different wares depending on different weeks out of the month
      2. You might meet an NPC in town during the day, but at night he will be in one of the surrounding routes, training, and is ready to battle.
      3. People will say different things depending on the time of day
      4. Some secrets will be time-dependent
      5. Some gym leaders might not accept challenges at different times of the day
        1. Maybe a gym leader might be doing personal training from like 5am-8am
        2. A gym leader may not accept challenges at night, or on a certain day of the month
    2. The windows of houses will turn yellow at night to reflect the light coming out of them
      1. Windows on the inside will turn dark to reflect it being night time.
    3. Lights and candles will turn on in people’s homes at night
    4. Pokemon seen will vary between night and day
      1. Pokemon levels will vary as well, with stronger Pokemon appearing at night
    5. And more!!!!
  7. How does the game keep track of time?
    1. The time system is set to be computer dependent. So whatever time it is for you, it will be that time in-game.
  8. Will I miss anything important? I only play during the Day/Night
    1. I am going to do my best to make it where you won’t miss anything important regardless of what time you play the game. The main things that will have differences are aesthetic and extra.  If I have something unavailable at night, there will be a good amount of daytime content to offset this.
      1. You can also just change the time on your computer to change the time in-game.
  9. Why focus so much on the time system?
    1. Being as there isn’t much in the way of multiplayer, I want to put as much effort as I can into replay and exploration value.  I want you to be able to get lost in the story and side-stories of this game like you would with any RPG.
  10. What are the starters?
    1. If you start with Agatha, you will get a GastlyIf you start with Oak, you will begin with a Nidoran ♂.
      1. We did this for quite a few reasons. The most of which, story. We really want your experience with whomever you play be a unique one. I chose to model this after Yellow, where you get Pikachu and Gary gets Eevee. It made the story much more robust in my opinion.   The stats of these choices do not differ greatly, overall, so they are a decent choice regardless of whom you choose (differing by 5 points total).   For the specifics of these two, there is a couple story reasons and a really good cameo that I won’t mention for now behind the decision ;)
  11. How are you going to handle where you see Pokemon?
    1. This is something we are going to take into very deep consideration. Some pokemon that were more rare in Gen.1 may be more common here. In contrast, some of the pokemon you would frequent in Red and Blue will be hard to find here. We are also going to work a lot with the placement of Pokemon and how they fit into environment.
  12. What about Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur???
    1. These will be included as well. I have a specific idea of how you will find these, and tie in the fact that they will be starters in Gen1.
  13. So are you going to work with the origins of some pokemon?
    1. Yes, yes we are, where applicable.
  14. What kind of movesets will you be using?
    1. It will be essentially gen.4 current, but taking away the non-canon moves and changing the types of other ones.
      1. What the Pokemon Essentials Starter Kit is using
  15. What pokemon will be in here?
    1. All of Gen1 pokemon and their pre-evolutions will be included. Omitting a few of the pokemon in Gen1 that could not have been around in this time.
      1. i,e, Porygon, Omanyte, Mewtwo, Mew, kabuto, omanyte etc.
  16. Pre-evolutions. You mean baby Pokemon?
    1. Quite :)   Babies would have come first, so they will be included. I will have my team of lv. 100 babies again ^_^
  17. Ancient Pokemon won’t be in here???
    1. I’m afraid not. The lab for fossil revival isn’t around and set up yet.   But, I myself love Omastar…. No ancients will be officially in the game… But I may work something out ;)
  18. Will there be breeding?
    1. Yes
  19. Will there be Pokeballs?
    1. The pokeballs will be based on Apricorns, mostly. Pokeballs will be available, but very expensive. If you look at the timeline of Pokemoin, Pokeballs date back up to 300 years before Ash went on his quest.
  20. Will Team Rocket make an appearance?
    1. Yes.   Before Giovanni ran things, his mother, Madame Boss, was the leader. I will be delving into the history of Team Rocket and how it looked under different leadership.
  21. Will the baby legendary birds be in here?
    1. We have plans for those little guys  :)
  22. Will there be Fakemon?
    1. The short answer? Yes.    I am going to include some Fakemon. Probably have a few different families (evolutionary lines) of them.  For any of you worried about this being kept canon, I assure you it will be.  Any instances of Fakemon will be sequestered from the main story, so you will not have to encounter them if you don’t want to.   Also, the appearance of them and their inclusion will be completely explained.
      1. Their inclusion will be completely choice-based, too. I will done of two things:
        1. Make a choice at the beginning of the game which will include them or exclude them. If you choose not to have them in, the events that would lead up to them just won’t happen.
        2. There will be 2 downloads. A full game and one without Fakemon.  It will be executed in-game as seen above.
  23. So what will the Pokedex consist of?
    1. When I get the time, I will be putting up a full Pokedex on the website here.   But as far as what the Pokedex will consist of:
      1. It will include the normal 151, omitting the ones not in the game(mentioned previously).
      2. Baby Pokemon
      3. Fakemon and whatnot will not be in the Pokedex at all, even if you catch them.
  24. How do we get Machamp, Alakazam, etc.?
    1. Each trade-evolution Pokemon will have a specific way of evolving.
      1. For instance, Kadabra evolves by holding a certain item you get in a side-quest.
  25. Will there be multiplayer or trading?
    1. No.  There are some projects that have a GTS or Mystery Gift. We will be looking into this later.
  26. Will there be Mystery Gift?
    1. Yes :D
  27. What about the Pokemon 4ever movie?
    1. That takes place 5 years before this game. However, we won’t be giving that little guy the cold shoulder :) There will be a cameo. That’s all I’ll say for now.
  28. Will “insert type of technology in the Poke’verse here” be included?
    1. One thing of note before continuing. This is only 35 years before Red/Blue.   That’s only one to two generations of people. As far as specific technologies, I make sure to research their viability in this timeline and keep it canon.  However, most all of the technology in current games will still be around.  Some will be a little less advanced, though
      1. PCs will be sparse, only being in some towns.
      2. TMs will be single use.
  29. Are you going to include ___________?
    1. For story elements, you can make your suggestions at:
      1. The Facebook page
      2. my email [email protected]
      3. My Twitter
  30. Are you going to include conspiracy _______?
    1. I like conspiracies…. hehe. As well as the team. There will be easter eggs and good story arcs. That is all I’ll say. I want to keep most of the bigger story elements on the down-low until I can release more stuff for you all :)



And that’s it :)  Any further questions you have can be sent to my email at [email protected] or my twitter @Pokemongen0.
Thanks and stay tuned!!!!
~TBC (>’.')>

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